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5 Things to Do In San Diego

San Diego is a magnificent place which can deliver you with so many interesting things. The city is really amazing with the great looks it has and the wide coastline. This place is the one with the best climate in all over the world. The city is compact and family friendly compared to Los Angeles. This is the place that has so many attractions to offers. It is near to Los Angeles and is available in just two hours of drive and it is possible to reach the Mexican border in just 30 minutes. If you are really planning to visit the place, then there are certain things that can make your trip a great one.

Balboa Park

This is the biggest park in America that is themed with urban culture. The park is really huge and it has a great walkway. You have the possibility for hiring audio tour or Subway for getting overview about the beautiful architecture and the gardens of the park. This park cannot be explored in just a day and you should spend couple of days in this park. It also has the popular zoo of San Diego and also the old globe theatre that has got tony award.

San Diego Zoo

It is the zoo that you can find in the Balboa Park. It has got much significance as it is the best zoo available in the whole world. It is zoo which is adding up with its exhibits. It has about 400 animals available in it and has larger number of giant pandas in it. This zoo allows you to have greater interaction with animals. Polar bears, elephants and tiger can be seen so close by standing near the glass. You can also get backstage pass so that you can feed the animals, wash them and so such things. If you are not satisfied with such interaction then can visit the wild animal park of San Diego Zoo where you can find about 3000 animals roaming free in about 2200 acres of natural reserve. This is a going to be a great experience.

La Jolla

This is the name derived from Spanish and it means jewel. La jolla has beautiful coastline, beaches which allows you to get engaged in many water sports like kayaking, swimming and surfing. Snorkelers and scuba drivers can go very close to the marine life. It has also got grassy park which is perfect for picnic.


Life of San Diego is much close to water that you can enjoy some of the things like dinner cruises and also can engage in tours for whale watching. These things can make you feel so good. You can also get a chance to crew a yatch with the America’s cup – challenge. The captain of the crew will be Troy Sears, he is the co=owner of the company and can help you in controlling the yatch.


This is the popular spot in San Diego. You can get engaged in penguin encounter, watch killer whale. You can even learn to speak with Beluga whales.